Books on plants, stones, color and spiritual aspects of healing.

Welcome to Healing Books to help you in your healing doll work. began crafting cloth dolls in the early eighties. My first dolls were made for my children because I wanted them to grow up with memories of having some things that were handmade. Somewhere along the way, I began to understand that all dolls have healing possibilities and each doll holds its own space. My first healing dolls evolved from my love of elves and an interest in the historically accepted properties of stones that all came together in a dream. That dream became the original "Heart Rock" doll with a rose quartz heart. Through the years I have expanded to make the little dolls incorporating a variety of healing stones and other symbolic ornamentation to meet the needs of the intended owner. My healing dolls are available at a resonable cost. At this time there are no plans for new dolls due to a problem with my hands that I have not yet solved.

My dolls are all one-of-a-kind originals used and loved by a variety of individuals including teachers, artist, health practitioners, children, spiritual advisors, collectors and people who like the shape or the way they feel..

I feel quite fortunate to be in a world filled with so many wonderful Doll Artist offering a great basket full of doll visions. If you don't find what you are looking for on my pages, visit Links to find other wonderful artist working in the medium of the doll.

I make no claims about the healing properties of my dolls. If you believe that loving intent can be imparted into inanimate objects, then my dolls all contain an abundance of love and thoughts of wholeness within them. I believe that love is the power of healing and that each of us has the ability to focus that power within and without.

I hope that you find what you desire and may joy meet you at every turn. And of course, if life hands you lemons - make lemon-ade!

Guardians of love and light, be with all through hearts ills. Love guide us towards that which is right.
Emerging Tree Spirit
I am surrounded by a wide variety of trees and I love it. I feel a strong presence coming from their rough barked bodies. As a storyteller, I often think of folk tales about nature and trees. May the spirit of trees emerge to deliver a needed message to us humans about the value of their kind.


Soapstone Goddess by Patricia C. Coleman - Front

Soapstone Goddess by Patricia C. Coleman - Back
SOAPSTONE GODDESS - (front and rear view)
Our world history is woven with stories of magical stones, colors and plants and would all be deminished without these wonderous associations.

Indiana Holistic Health Network

The Indiana Holistic Health Network Directory is a mind, body and spirit network of Indiana's Holsitic and alternative Healing and Wellness Practitioners. The IHHN encompasses neighboring areas in Kentucky and Ohio. The Directory features a wide selection of Healing, Holistic and Alternative Wellness Services and resources, Natural Products, including Local Whole Food resources, Calendar of Events and Green Merchants offering services, products, and healing activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Ceremonies, Workshops and more.

These books may be of assistance in your healing explorations. Doll Books presents books on plants, stones, color and spiritual aspects of healing. When you see a book that you want, click on the title for purchase information. Use the Back Button on your computer to return to Doll Books to continue looking at our list. When you have finished making your selections, follow Amazons instructions through checkout.
 Way of the Doll : The Art and Craft of Personal Transformation

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